Biokleen Review

About a week ago I received three Biokleen products from winning a giveaway on Instagram. They are plant-based products, non-toxic to the environment/household, and family owned! I was super estatic to receive these products, especially the Bac-out spray because we have two dogs that love to make messes..

We’ve used Bac-out about 3x during the past week already. I love the smell, the ingredients, and it’s a very effective cleaner for pet accidents (mostly puke and #2).  I have yet to use it on the couch, but that’ll be the next step to remove some pet odor and stains. I definitely need to order their multi-surface cleaner version!

I’ve used the Laundry Liquid on three loads of laundry, and compared to the current laundry detergent I was using, I would have to say it’s better. Not all plant-based or “free and clear” products I’ve used in the past have actually worked, so I was thrilled when my son’s clothes came out cleaner. Once again, the smell is amazing and I love that it’s packaged in 100% recycled cardboard and newspaper! Another great thing I want to mention about this product is that you don’t have to use much, a little goes a long way!

Lastly, I finally tried the Oxygen Bleach Plus today with some of J’s old baby onesies to get the stains out. I was slightly disappointed at first after using the product for five minutes then rinsing it out like the directions stated, I could still see the stains on the clothes. Once I got them out of the washer (washed with the Biokleen laundry liquid), I noticed right away that the stains from one of the onesies was completely gone! Yes, it got a stain out from 3 years ago! I’ve added pictures below from the before and after of the onesies. The other onesie’s stain is lighter, but not completely gone. I didn’t have many expectations since i’ve tried bleach alternatives, and eco-friendly products to get these stains out. Considering the stains are so old, i’m assuming the Oxygen Bleach Plus would do quite well and completely remove fresh stains.
Don’t forget to check them out at the link below!!





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