Adventuring Goat Yoga

Coming from Iowa, and having two parents who grew up on farms I never could have imagined I would be saying that I participated in something called “Goat Yoga”. By the end of our parent-child goat yoga class, my three year old who has always been afraid of animals, was feeding, petting them and telling me he wanted to stay a little bit longer.

The class started off with some basic yoga poses, sun salutations and getting the kids (both animals and humans) warmed up to one another. As much as I love yoga, it was hard to put down my phone and stop taking pictures of how comfortable and adventurous the goats were around us. After warming up, the children moved over to a mini-obstacle course, which is right up Jax’s ally, with nearly 3 years of gymnastics under his belt. I would definitely have to say that might have been his favorite part. The obstacle course included crossing the beam, climbing over a tractor tire, up a mini-wall, and jumping on trampolines with the goats. Some of the goats even climbed on the wall and jumped with the kids!
After a few runs through the course, the kids were invited over to have some parachute fun. No matter what age kids are, they love parachutes games and singing! The goats participated in the fun running under the parachute watching the colorful rainbow go up and down. Our kids got to take turns running in and out, singing songs and shaking the parachute.  After a while we got back on our mats for more fun yoga activities; with some Acroyoga, and encouraging the goats to climb on top of us as well. Not only were we getting to bond with our kiddos, but with animals! The kids were all enthusiastic about playing with the parachute again, so they were able to take a few more turns running in and out to get extra energy out. Finally after an hour of activity they were winding down to meditate with Lion’s Breathe, ending class on top of the parachute.

After class, we were invited to stick around taking pictures with the photo booth and goats. The kids were thrilled to feed the goats leaves from the nearby tree, which Jax was really into as well. I still can’t believe that he was feeding the animals and petting their backs at the end of our time there. He has never wanted anything to do with animals, or when we’ve been at petting zoos, so today during Goat Yoga it was a huge unexpected win for us. He left wanting to go tell his grandparents right away about it, and I was excited that we BOTH had such a great time and that he had gotten a lot of energy out. That’s what a call a win-win morning! The goats were so kind and not afraid of us or the kids getting too close, it was such a great experience.
Be sure to check out AZ Goat Yoga in Gilbert with the links i’ve provided below and the photos!
Goat Yoga Facebook

AZ Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga Instagram



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