Baby Shower

Phew, it’s been a while since i’ve updated. Went back to work for both jobs. Ten plus hours i’m still missing but it’s been a crazy ride. Three year old has had tummy troubles and been sick, going back to work both jobs, and trying to get a lot done for baby since we’re finally in the third trimester! Thirty weeks as of yesterday, thank goodness only ten or so to go.
On a positive note we had our baby shower thrown by my best friend/boss and my mom! They picked a beautiful gold and black theme with tons of beautiful decorations and delicious food. I wish we would have taken more pictures, but the ones I do have I will post below for any ideas! Although most of the menu was vegan or vegetarian, our guests, including my parents, are not so my mom made other options as well to go with their mimosas! We got some great gifts from family and friends. Even with having another boy, I feel there’s still a ton of things we need to get. There won’t ever be enough time (or money) for me to feel ready enough for baby boy 2 to come. It’s quite different this time since we will be cloth diapering our little one and we need to buy all the diapers, inserts, pre-folds, wet/dry bags, etc. to go with it! I feel more prepared for labor (maybe) and less prepared to have a newborn to diaper and to have two kids.. I’m hoping it won’t take that long of an adjustment, but it’ll all depend on how we can work as a family and how J is as a big brother. He’s extremely excited, loves tickling and talking to his baby brother; he’s also a great helper! I’m very thankful our family and friends didn’t forget about him at the baby shower, as he got some wonderful gifts! I still plan to get him a fun big brother gift/package once baby is born.
I never had a baby shower with J, it was a rough time being a single mom with not too many friends since I had just moved here a year and a half prior. How different things are four years later with a full family, great house, friends and jobs. We’re definitely blessed.

Anyways, J and I should be on an adventure tomorrow if he’s feeling up to it! Can’t wait to post about it!



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