Cloth Diapers

Everything about cloth diapers intrigues me yet scares me! I keep reading and watching videos over and over about pre-washing, what detergent to use, how to get stains out, rinsing the poop out.. and my mind can’t wrap around it.
It sounds so eco-friendly, cost efficient for us but will I really have the time? Working, a newborn and with a three year old? YIKES. Unfortunately, a lot I read about cloth diapers is coming from SAHM or WAHM, and not much from 20-40 hour working moms. When I go back to work, it’ll still be for two jobs, not sure how i’ll balance the hours out yet, but kids are expensive.. Especially a three year old who takes piano lessons, is in school, and swim lessons. YIKES! That’s a pro for breastfeeding and cloth diapering though, no money spent on formula or diapers!

Did you know how many brands or kinds of cloth diapers they are as well? Hybrids, pre-folds, covers, AIO’s, All-In-Twos, flour sack towels, all the different types of inserts, and pocket diapers! I’ve started my stash, a few pockets and covers, two or three AIOs, and one pre-fold. Hoping to get more from my baby shower… Then I’ll have so many options I won’t want to turn back once baby comes, and luckily there are so many cute prints compared to boring disposable diapers.
Thank goodness we’re still three months away from my due date, plenty of time to keep researching. I’m trying to not be overwhelmed by everything and i’m sure after a few weeks or maybe even a month or so i’ll get the hang of it. I’m also glad we live in sunny Arizona to help with line drying, so less energy using our dryer!

Wish me luck as i’m researching my days away…!


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